About Us

Q. Who/what is “Dannix”?
I ran my name together to create the Brand. Think of me as a “Tailor for interiors”. I create and consult, then I use a network of General Contractors and Sub-Contractors, from Computer Aided Design and Drafting people (CADD) to builders to furnishings suppliers, to ensure your vision becomes reality.

Q. What are you best known for?
Thinking outside the box, both metaphorically and literally. I’m known for being able to create interesting, sensual spaces while still being efficient, whether through curvilinear or angular shapes which few people know how to integrate effectively.

Q. Anything else?
Personal attention while having FUN!

Q. What do you see as the biggest mistake clients make?
Selling themselves short, which is a natural thing to be conservative. The only regrets I hear are things like “I wish I hadn’t taken that out of my project,” or, “I wish I had taken more space.”

Q. Where do you find design inspiration?
Everywhere. My imagination. Nature. Hotels. Restaurants. Retail. Casinos, even though I don’t gamble!