Making your interior inviting

Everyone has had different experiences in different types of restaurants. Restaurant design is a perfect illustrator for how to think of interior design.

First, imagine a fast food restaurant such as McDonalds or Burger King. They don’t make any money by their patrons sitting around in their establishment. They make their money on volume. They want you in and out as fast as possible.

So, the design of a fast food restaurant is to encourage customers to come in, place their order and either take it to go or spend as little time eating as possible. Usually, this is accomplished with hard surfaces, bright colors, stark (harsh?) lighting and materials that do not absorb sound making it a loud, sometimes frenzied atmosphere.

Now, imagine a high-end restaurant. Lighting is soft. Colors are muted and usually include rich “colors of Royalty” such as Purple, Navy or Burgundy. Materials are usually soft with lots of textures to absorb or dissipate sound waves. Music levels are usually soft and soothing.

The high-end restauranteur wants his customers to sit, relax, stay a long time and spend big money on cocktails, appetizers, high-end wine and carefully presented main courses along with dessert, after dinner drinks and so on. All of which are highly inflated prices to make up for the lack of volume.

In both cases, however, special attention is paid in both types of design to accomplish the end result: THE BOTTOM LINE. Every detail needs to be carefully considered to create the experience that will enhance profitability which applies to nearly every type of business, especially when dealing with patients and their health.