Natural Acne Treatment


When it comes to acne, you probably don’t want to jump the gun and go to the worst-case scenario. There are many home remedies that can work for acne. In the following article, we will explore some of the more homegrown remedies for acne and how they work.

Tea tree oil

You should never apply tea tree oil directly on your face. If you do this, it can actually cause scarring on your face as it is too potent. However, you can mix up a bit of tea tree oil with carrier oil and apply it to your face. You need to follow ratios carefully to make it safe for the skin. It might seem counterintuitive to mix tea tree oil, but this neutralizes the harmful pH. You can also put some tea tree oil in an oil-free cream if your acne is more on the severe side. Dermatologists always recommend oil-free creams for people with severe acne.


You might not be happy with a cleanser, but a cleanser can help you figure out if you are allergic to anything. To do this, you must eliminate all foods and then slowly reintroduce them. It can be an arduous process, but sometimes skin problems can actually be triggered by allergies or intolerances to foods. Keep in mind that the worst foods are usually gluten and lactose for allergies and intolerances. You might also be triggered by shellfish, although you are more likely to get food poisoning than acne from this as it is not common in many diets.

Go over your cosmetic inventory

You can have certain creams at home that are irritating you. You need to realize that when a cream feels bad on your skin, it is not good. You have to eliminate it, or you will always have a problem. Also, you should not use any harsh toners on the skin. This action will simply dry out your face. Instead, you need to choose a gentle but effective cleanser, and then an oil-free moisturizer that doesn’t clog the pores. We all use cosmetics, but make sure your routine isn’t making you break out more. Always pay attention to how something feels. Some people have found that using something pure like shea butter works for their skin, but others find it makes them break out. Remember that if you don’t moisturize your skin, it will work to overproduce oil to compensate. Giving your skin the cleansing and moisturizing that you require is exactly what your skin needs.

Reduce stress

Stress can cause inflammation of the skin. You should definitely work to reduce the stress that you have in your life. You can even meditate to alleviate your condition. Taking time to be quiet and have peace can definitely reduce your overall cortisol in your body. The reduction will lead to less testosterone and less acne. It’s a good idea to try to naturally balance your hormones and chemicals before you go on harsh products like birth control or antibiotics.

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