Our Process


The more we know about how you work, the better we can tailor your space to your comfort and productivity. So planning naturally starts with lots of questions, everything from “Does it bother you if patients see your back-office functions?” to “Do you plan to take on a partner?”
We conduct extensive research and analysis that incorporates function, location, and resources. Questions continue throughout the process, as we help you determine where to put computers, phones, outlets and appliances, cabinetry, drawers and specialty items. READ MORE


During development, we work hard to ensure every aspect of the design meets your needs. We don’t sell or earn commissions like our competition as we believe that to be a conflict of interest. For example, we don’t make more money if you choose Granite counter-tops over Plastic Laminate.

Whether you need a relatively simple renovation or an entire complex of buildings developed from the inside out, Dannix can do it. And we usually save our clients more than our fees in time, efficiency and reduced stress. READ MORE


Back when hospitals were clinical, sterile and forbidding, doctors’ offices tended to match. Now that healthcare environments are becoming warm, homelike and much more inviting, you’re free to create the office of your dreams.

We can give you offices a distinctive, well-planned interior – and meet both your budget and your deadline. More than that, we love what we do, and I’ll work hard to see that you have a good experience (and a little fun, as well). READ MORE


In many ways, design is detail. Still, it’s hard for most people to juxtapose all the elements of a new space and get a really good idea of what to expect. So after we pick out floor coverings, countertops and paint colors, we’ll build you a finish schedule that starts with the floorplan and adds lighting, electrical, faucets, sinks, cabinetry elevations and design details- everything down to drawer pulls and door levers. It all comes together and -ding!- the light bulb goes on and you will see it. Remember that your space is your home-away-from-home, your comfort is paramount, and your designer’s ego shouldn’t get in the way. Never hesitate to state what you like or don’t like, what works or doesn’t work. READ MORE